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7 Reasons Why Muslim Youth Love Mohamad Salah

7 Reasons Why Muslim Youth Love Mohamed Salah

Salah is arguably one of the biggest Muslim sports stars in the world nowadays. Just listen to any football-related conversation in a British café and you’ll hear his name. Liverpool’s fans adore him, and Egyptians love him and celebrate his achievements. The 26-year-old has become an inspiration to Muslim youth worldwide. Here are seven reasons why people …

This Coach Gets More Muslim Girls into Football

When the young people attending a youth club in Birmingham said they wanted to play football, founder Asha Ali Rage made it happen. BIRMINGHAM — A few young football fans at the Dream Chaser youth club in Birmingham, the UK have inspired Asha Ali Rage to start her career as a football coach, BBC reported. …

Hijabi Girl Impresses Fans with Freestyle Football Skills

An 18-year-old Muslim student from Malaysia, is impressing fans with her freestyle football skills. Juggling the ball before balancing it on her soles and later on her forehead, Qhouirunnisa’ Endang Wahyudi, is stealing spotlight. Islam does not stop women from playing sports, Qhouirunnisa’ said. The teenager started freestyle football in 2016, training and learning tricks by watching …

Muslim Woman Inspires Aussies to Play Football

Dubbed as excitement machine, Lael Kassem, a founding member of the Auburn GIANTS women’s AFL team, is breaking down barriers, working hard to achieve her dream, and motivating others to take up the Australian popular sport.

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