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I Can’t Stand My Husband’s Constant Lies

I Can’t Stand My Husband’s Constant Lies

In this counseling answer: “While you are trying to resolve this one way or another, spend more time in the Masjid as well as doing fun, social things with sisters. This can provide you with a break from the sadness you are going through right now as well as build loving supports with your Muslim …

The Global Economic Crisis – Steps Every Muslim Should Take

The Global Economic Crisis – Steps Every Muslim Should Take

It goes without saying that the global economy is not in harmony. This takes its toll on everyone and Muslims are no exception. We keep hearing economic experts’ advice – which is sometimes helpful- on how can we handle this economic crisis. However, Muslims can find guidance in the Islamic teachings that provide the best …


Define the “Qur’an Vision” For Your Family

Every human being is unique. What a precious gift of Allah this uniqueness is! It enables each one of us to use our exclusive set of talents and abilities, to acquire our own little pool of knowledge, through our own distinct style of learning, and to weave our own “one-of-a-kind yarn” in life. Almost all …

How to Overcome the Social Stigma of Divorce

How to Overcome Social Stigma of Divorce

Read part one Read part two Read part three The stories of Muslim divorcées offer stark and heartbreaking perspectives of marriage and divorce. Many have escaped deadbeats, financial abusers, adulterers, and criminals. These true stories also expose the severe emotional and financial hardships that many Muslims experience. In some cultures it’s common for sisters to …

Christmas tree

“Mommy There’s a “Holiday” Tree in My School!”

As the holidays approach, so too does a sense of disquiet about celebrating Christmas in public schools. Some feel that their ability to even use the word “Christmas” has been muted and they have been rendered invisible due to “political correctness”. Gone are the Christmas concerts and Christmas carols of the past. Instead, some feel …

How to Deal with In-Laws Who Don't Respect You

How to Deal with In-Laws Who Don't Respect You

Answer: As-Salamu ‘Alaikum sister, Thank you for writing to us and discussing your most important concerns. As I understand it, you are married and it was an arranged marriage and you are now living in a Middle-Eastern country with your husband’s family which appears to be quite large.  As you live in a family setting, …

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