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US Muslims Raise Funds for Sri Lanka Victims

Devastated by the news of the terrorist attacks targeting Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday, a leading American Muslim charity has launched a fundraising campaign to help the victims. “We cannot allow community cohesion to be broken. As communities are hurting and need to be rebuilt, the least we can do is to offer our support …

UK Islamic Charity Responds to Emergency in Indonesia After Tsunami

PALU – Following the 7.4 magnitude earthquake which triggered a 6-meter tsunami on 29 September in Sulawesi Island of Indonesia, a British Muslim charity has sent a team to help some of the 191,000 people urgently in need of humanitarian assistance, Relief Web reported on October 2. Muslim Aid UK has sent its Head of …

Aussie Muslims Donate 33 Tons of Hay to Drought-Stricken Farmers

BRISBANE – In the midst of huge efforts to raise funds over the past weeks, a Muslim charity in Brisbane, Australia, has donated tonnes of hay to farmers in western Queensland who were affected by the recent drought. “We’ve brought with us three truckloads of 44 bales of hay in each truck,” Brisbane-based Muslim Charitable …

Indonesia Quake: Muslim Charities Appeal for Help

JAKARTA – Muslim charities have launched relief campaigns to help those affected by the 7.0 magnitude earthquake which killed over 90 people on the Indonesian island of Lombok and injured hundreds more. “Many areas are inaccessible so the death toll will, unfortunately, be much higher than is currently being reported. There are thousands of people …

Muslim Aid Targets £6 Million from Zakat This Ramadan

LONDON – A British Muslim charity is aiming to raise £6 million this Ramadan with a campaign asking people to make their Zakat count during the holy month. “We, at Muslim Aid have put the donors at the heart of our creative campaign, and aim to capture the positive feelings associated with Ramadan and giving Zakat,” Rosina Louafi, Creative …

Grenfell Tower Residents: Thank You for Ramadan

An enormous blaze engulfed Grenfell Tower on Latimer Road in north Kensington in the early hours of Wednesday, June, Muslims awake for suhoor were among early responders, who rushed to save lives of their neighbors.

Muslim Charity Keeps London Needy Warm

A leading British Muslim charity has embarked on its annual charitable giving drive, hosting a series of events to keep the needy and homeless warm, in a season them see as an important time for doing good, giving gifts and being with those you love.

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