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My Daughter Says " I Hate You",  How to Respond? - About Islam

My Daughter Says " I Hate You", How to Respond?

In this counseling answer: •Your daughter is not using those words to hurtyousister, she loves you. She is, however, using those words to get her own way or to “guilt” you into getting her own way. As long as she thinks they affect you she will use them. •You may wish to remind her (at …

As a Busy Mother, Fasting Fills Me with Dread!

As a Busy Mother, Fasting Fills Me with Dread!

In this counseling answer: •Fast as many days as you can without dread, and when it becomes difficult, ask Allah (SWT) for His forgiveness, and make the intention to make up for them at another time. •And don’t feel guilty. Wa `Alaikum as-Salaam Dear Sister, SubhanAllah, I am totally impressed with the quality of your …

Paradise is at the Feet of the Mother

Paradise is at the Feet of the Mother

Becoming a mother is one of the greatest joys of a Muslim woman. She knows that her child is both a gift and a trust from God. She carries a great responsibility in raising a family, not only in caring for their physical needs, but also in educating them in their religion and morals.

Mother Now I Know

Mother, Now I Know

When you are a mother, you will know.This is usually the closing statement at the end of a long-winded argument between mother and daughter. The two bicker over everything under the sun, from what outfit the daughter should wear to Aunt Aliya’s dinner party to whether she should take up the job opportunity in Way-Too-Far-To-Even-Discuss-Town, …

#MothersDay... Tons of Likes to Mothers!

#MothersDay... Tons of Likes to Mothers!

You go in Facebook and LIKE all the time, right? But when was the last time you said to your mother, ‘I love you,’ or ‘I appreciate the food you cook,’ or ‘I appreciate the things you have done to me?’

Stories of Converts With Their Mothers - About Islam

Stories of Converts With Their Mothers

I couldn’t help but think how this love Mary had for her mother was so pure and inspiring. I couldn’t help but think how if we all incorporated even a little of this mercy we would all be better off. And I learned that love, mercy, and respect- for mothers…

Is a Nursing Mother Exempted from Fasting?

Are Nursing Mothers Excused from Fasting?

I am a mother of a one-year-old child, still breast-feeding. Should I fast? My concern is that he doesn’t drink cow’s milk, so I really want to fast but am worried about my son too.


Mom Doesn't Pray, What to Do?

In this counseling answer: •The best thing to remember, especially when dealing with our parents and elders, is to be kind, to teach them by setting an example and not to be condescending with them. •Approach your mother and your sister with love, talk to your mother; tell her how much you love and care …

My Mother My Treasure

My Mother My Treasure

It was through Islam that I learned to appreciate my mother. She is the most important person to me on this planet. I no longer put my own desires above her, but I have to put the One who created us both above her. The One who gave her to me and me to her…

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