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Believe in the Promise of Allah: Birmingham 2018 Convention

Allah’s Will always prevails, even though most people do not understand how Allah helps people. He then suggested a number of key points to remember and practice, starting with tawakkul, or reliance on Allah. Don’t fear the future. Have trust and faith with confidence and reliance on Allah.

Prophets Separated From Families Throughout Time

These Prophets Were Separated from Families Too... What to Learn from Them?

With unfortunate events worldwide and children being separated from  families,  I was tempted to research how families who are separated adapt and survive. This curiosity led me to a story where three young boys in the US had been adopted by different families. These three young men grew up with no knowledge of each other. As …

Prophet Moses - A Male Child is Born

Prophet Moses - A Male Child is Born

Far from abandoning him, God set Moses up as a royal son of Egypt. He provided him with the strongest human support in the land. Asiya and Pharaoh now had a son, who was now protected by the very person who had sought to kill him.

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