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How Can Jesus Be a Prophet: I Thought he Was Divine?

Short Answer:The Christians claim that Jesus was/is God incarnate – that he was the Son of God or God Himself born as His own Son. If this were true, Jesus would be a god beside God Almighty (orYahwehorGod the Father). But this belief contradicts the First Commandment of God given in the Bible: See the …

Prophets Better

Why Are Some Prophets Better Than Others?

Short Answer:You have asked about the difference between God and the prophets. Your question arises against the background of certain religions that have raised the status of their prophets to divinity. But any discerning person can see that prophets are beings apart from God; and that they are chosen and sent by God. …………. Salam(Peace) …

true monotheism

True Monotheism: What's Wrong With The Trinity?

Short Answer:Although both Muslims and Christians agree that there is only One God—the message of both Prophet Muhammad and Jesus—later teachings in Christianity teach a corrupted message, one not in line with true monotheism. “The Christian belief in Trinity undermines, contravenes, and invalidates the belief in Oneness. Christians say, God is One, but at the …

Does Pantheism Have Any Place in Islam? - About Islam

Does Pantheism Have Any Place in Islam?

Salam(Peace) Graeme, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. First, I would like to correct an error in your question:The Ka`bah is not the Black Stone. In the Arabic languageka`bahliterally means cube. The Ka`bah is the cubic structure built out of stone blocks at the center of the Sacred Mosque in Makkah. It …

The Alleged Shirk of Abraham - About Islam

The Alleged Shirk of Abraham

Asalamu Alaikum Abdul Rahman, Thank you very much for your question. The word“shirk”is often translated as “idolatry”. It literally means “partnership” or “association.” From the Quranic point of view,shirkis associating a thing, person, or concept with God; believing him, her, or it to be equal to God or to possess qualities only God possesses. If …

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