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Zakah - The Investment With the Best Returns

Zakah - The Best Investment With the Best Returns

Allah favors some people with more wealth than others; it’s as much a test as a blessing. What you do with that excess wealth determines your success in this world and the hereafter. When you give zakah to the needy, you realize that your money isn’t your…

Dear Muslims, Stop Asking for Discounts

Dear Muslims, Stop Asking for Discounts

We all love a good deal. We search through the clearance racks and bins to see if we can find things at a fraction of the original price. There’s nothing wrong with that


How to Deal With Money Fights in Marriage?

Communication is the key to most marital issues and  financial challenges are no exception. By honoring each other and knowing one’s rights and duties, you will be able to reach an agreement. This video by Marriagesucess offers advice by Islamic scholars and marriage counselors on how to deal with money fights in marital life.

economics in Marriage

The Economic Dynamics of Muslim Marriage

It would not be an exaggeration to say that nowadays, the worldly pursuit and acquisition of wealth and material comforts is a high priority for most people, towards which their efforts are directed from a very early age. Success in today’s world is gauged on one predominant factor: being wealthy,- at least apparently so. Anyone …

All You Need to Know About Zakah (Alms Giving)

All You Need to Know About Zakah (Alms Giving)

Zakah curbs materialistic whims by reminding able-earning Muslims of the less fortunate by removing excessive wealth that could lead to extravagant lifestyles. The concept of Zakah also reminds able-earning Muslims that the blessings they receive come from…

Give a Loan to Allah, He Will Multiply It

Give a Loan to Allah, He Will Multiply It

Allah uses us in order to fulfill the needs of others. But He is the fulfiller of the needs. He gave you in the first place and then He’s saying don’t become too clingy. Don’t stick too much to this wealth. Don’t actually become miserly. Learn to spend it. Learn to focus…

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