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Hindu Family

How Can I Pray When My Hindu Family Doesn't Know I Follow Islam?

Short Answer:In your case, this means that you should do the following. If it is possible, you can pray the missedMaghribandIshaprayers very late at night. You can do this after everyone else at home has gone to sleep. Do this if you have access to privacy at home i.e. a clean room. However, this might …

How Can You Avoid Missing Prayers?

How You Can Avoid Missing Prayers

Missing prayers from time to time and want a solution? Prayer (Salah) is the second pillar of Islam. One must pray every day as it is an obligation upon us from Allah. Some people get into the habit of missing Salah and they want to get out of it.What advice can be given to a …

skipping prayers

Does Skipping Prayers Mean I Am Not a Muslim Anymore?

Short answer: There is a difference of opinion among the scholars. Skipping prayers is a very serious sin. But, Abu Hanifa says no, skipping prayers doesn’t automatically make you a non-Muslimunless you actually believe in your heart that prayer is not necessary or important. If youknow it is required of you and choose not to …

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