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'Love Thy Neighbor': A Muslim Doctor’s Struggle for Home in Rural America

American Muslim doctor Ayaz Virji had a well-paying position at a Pennsylvania hospital when he decided to uproot his family in 2013 and move to Dawson, a town with about 1,500 residents in white, rural Minnesota, NPR reported. Virji says he “had the BMWs, the nice house, but it wasn’t enough for me, I wanted …

US Muslim Cops Find Themselves in Same Shift for First Time

For the first time in the American state of Minnesota, eight Muslim Somali-American police officers found themselves in one shift, without their American counterparts last weekend at the Metro Transit police, Kahawa Tungu reported. “We took calls, we took care of people just like we do every day and that to me was an amazing …

'More Than Welcome Here': Minnesota Muslims Open Mosques to Host Neighbors

EAST GRAND FORKS, Minnesota – Two local mosques in Minnesota opened their doors this weekend to welcome neighbors and answer their questions on Islam and Muslims, Grand Forks Herald reported. “There are no right or wrong questions,” said Deka Ali, who works as a bilingual coordinator with East Grand Forks Public Schools and also helps …

Longer Table Event Draws People Together in Minnesota

HUDSON, Minnesota – American Muslims from across the St. Croix River in Minnesota were invited to share potato salad and stories at Hudson’s Lakefront Park, Minnesota, where more than 350 people met on picnic tables spanning over 160 feet. “I am so happy to see the Hudson community reaching out to Muslims, saying, we want …


Mohamed Among Top Baby Names in U.S. City

The St. Cloud Hospital’s, Minnesota, announcement that baby boy name Mohamed came third in the city’s most popular baby names has triggered a wave of hate comments

Muslims Welcome "Nice Minnesotans" Questions

Seeking to bridge the gap between different faiths, the Minnesota Muslim community will be holding a special event to receive questions from the public fearing that asking questions might offend their Muslim neighbors.

Interfaith Love Trumps Hate in Minnesota

A mosque bombing has become a turning point for the Muslim community in Minnesota, bringing hundreds of visitors from all faiths to show support, love, and unity in the face of hate crimes targeting the minority.

Minnesota's Mosque Bombing: Support Beyond Words

Speaking of the homemade bomb exploding at the six-year-old Dar Al Farooq (DAF) Community Center in Bloomington, Minnesota, Governor Mark Dayton said that this was “A terribly, dastardly, cowardly, terrible act… It’s an act of terrorism.”

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