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How Islamic Values Can Protect Our Kids from Being #MeToo Predators

How Islam Can Keep Our Kids from Being #MeToo Predators

Editor’s Note: This article is from AboutIslam.net archive. We republish it as its topic is still relevant and important. In line with the recent Harvey Weinstein scandal, actress Alyssa Milano started a new trend. The 44 year old called on women who have been sexually harassed or assaulted to come out posting the hashtag #MeToo …

#MeTwo Reveals Stories of Racism in Germany - About Islam

#MeTwo Reveals Stories of Racism in Germany

BERLIN – Thousands of people in Germany have been sharing stories of everyday discrimination under the hashtag #MeTwo, following Muslim football star Mesut Özil’s resignation from the country’s national team. “When I’m the only-nonwhite person in a crowded train and the police get in, I’m the only one who is asked to show ID,” tweeted …

What You Should Do If Sexually HarassedWhat You Should Do If Sexually Harassed

What You Should Do If Sexually Harassed

We live in a hyper-sexualized society where sexual harassment is an ongoing issue. Sexual harassment is not a new occurrence, but due to mass media it has become an increasingly discussed topic. Sisters from around the world are stepping out in solidarity to speak about what happened to them and sometimes the perpetrators are respected …

Sexual harassment

Should We Talk about Sexual Harassment Among Muslims?

Muslim and nonMuslim; niqabi, hijabi, or none; from the Maldives to the American Mid-West, Pakistan to Pennsylvania, Saudi Arabia to Saskatchewan, India to Italy… women (and men) around the world are speaking up about their experiences being sexually harassed, molested, and abused. Originally founded by Tarana Burke, the trending hashtag and the movement behind it …


#MeToo Exposes the Frightening Scale of Sexual Harassment

Using the hashtag #MeToo,womenhave been posting messages on social media to tell their stories and show how commonplace sexual assault and harassment are. The hashtag has become trending with a frightening number of women sharing their experiences as victims of sexual assault. Since The New York Times published aninvestigative reporton Oct. 5unveiling decades of sexual …

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