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A Lesson of Brotherhood from a Muslim Man's Hajj Diary

How do you know that Allah has accepted your du`aa’s, your prayers?” As the tears well up into my eyes, I notice our group leader and I ask him this question. He reminded me that Allah is as we expect of Him. That we prayed and asked for forgiveness and we expect that Allah in His infinite Mercy will be merciful to us and forgive us.

Too Broken to Pray?

Life can sometimes deal you crippling blows. There may be times when you’re simply too broken, weak, discouraged, and hopeless to stand, bow, and kneel in prayer. Knowing that you’re the source of your own problem doesn’t help either. Face it— you’re just too weak to get up and run that spiritual marathon.

Hajj: A Merciful Strength

Hajj and Merciful Strength

Hajj is an obligation which none can undertake except those who are strong as well as honest, and none can perform its rites in full except those whom Allah has granted good knowledge and healthy bodies. In addition, its superior horizons cannot be perceived except by those who have perfect faith, sound body, great heart, …

From One Extreme to the Final One

I began to give in depth thinking to my spirituality. I realized there was a void in my life where a faith should be. Whenever I was in need or despair, I simply prayed to someone called Lord.

The Giver of Life

How do you want to meet your Lord? You want to meet Him in best possible state; you want to meet Him while you’re trying your best to use the life that He gave you so generously, so mercifully in a responsible way, in a conscious way, were you grateful for that life?

When the Day of Judgment Begins

If life and death have been created to test which of us is the best indeed, then are we not fools if we do not make the best of this situation? The life of this world is temporary, while the life of the hereafter is everlasting. Whether it is the blessings of Paradise or…

Basic Dictates of Love, Mercy & Compassion

Compassion dictates that Muslims should share in each other’s joys and sorrows. When a Muslim learns of something good that has befallen another, it is an occasion to rejoice. Likewise, the pain of Muslims anywhere in the world who have been stricken by tragedy should be felt.

Allah's Mercy

Faraz Khan talks about Allah’s mercy in this short talk!

The Qur’anic Verse of the Throne

Every thought anyone thinks, every word anyone speaks, and every deed anyone does of all the past, present, and future countless generations… Allah knows them in detail. Thinking this over, one cannot help but humbly say: {Our Lord! You comprehend all things in Your Mercy and Knowledge, so forgive…}

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