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Allah is Al-Barr - The Benevolent One

Allah is both Merciful and Generous, rewarding the least of our good deeds with a tenfold reward. He never punishes a misdeed with anything more than its merit, and He often simply pardons it. Allah is the Giver of Good.

The Road to Salvation- Repentance is the Key

The Road to Salvation: Repentance is the Key

Repentance is essential for a person to lead a peaceful life. The reward of repentance is a good life close to God and covered with contentment and peace of mind. However, there are three conditions to repentance. They are, giving up the sin, feeling regret forever having committed the sin and resolving never to go back to the sin.

Mercy - A Trait of the Righteous

It is quite easy to be good to those who are good to us. However, when people are not the best to us, or when our situations are not at the best is when our true mercy and patience is tested. It is about making our mercy more important than whatever is going through our lives.

Allah is Merciful; Why Did He Refuse Pharaoh’s Repentance?

Allah accepts repentance from whomever realizes his sins, turns to Him and repents. And Allah gives us chance after chance to turn to Him; He, the Most Merciful, tirelessly accepting our repentance from sin after sin, again and again. However, the last minute repentance, when we are in our deathbeds…

Is Allah a Loving God?

The entire universe and everything in it is proof of Allah’s love for all of mankind. He loves us so much that He gave us an endless variety of foods, a vast array of wildlife, the ability to see changes in our surroundings by the changes in weather, and the sun, moon…

Remember That Allah is Most Merciful

If Allah loves us, He will put us through hardships according to the level of our faith. Be sure that if you have good in your heart, He will reward you with better than what was taken from you, or hardships you have faced.

How We Insult Allah Without Knowing

Who are you? And what are all of your sins compared to the mercy of Allah? Have you limited the mercy of Allah such that you believe you alone, in one lifetime can commit so many sins that Allah can not forgive? This is the highest of insult…

Reflect on the Mercy of the Most Merciful

In spite of the fact that so of human beings will deny Him despite the fact that so many people continue to associate partners with Allah Almighty and attribute to Him children and deficiencies and qualities that are beneath His majesty and perfection, He continues to provide from His mercy for all of them.

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