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Muslims practice yoga

Breaking Taboos: Can Muslims Practice Yoga?

Short Answer:Imam Yusuf BadatandShaykh Ahmed Kutty… they’ve given afatwaon yoga: if you separate the religious aspect and you just keep the spirituality and you take it as an exercise form, then … there’s no situation that yoga isHaramor it’s impermissible. …………. AsalamuAlaikum, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. This question of whether …

From the Quest For the Truth to Islam

From the Quest For the Truth to Islam

To my parents, Islam might be a good faith, but it would be such a loss to leave a faith that has been brought to us by the son of God himself. So embracing Islam simply meant that I settled for something less or lower in level than Christianity, since it is closer…

Prayer and Positive Psychology - 7 Keys to Happiness

Prayer and Positive Psychology - 7 Keys to Happiness

The moment we raise our hands and surrender to God, we acknowledge that everything is in His power, and we depend on Him– the Most Merciful who intends nothing but good for us— to make things easy for us and help us attain ultimate, everlasting bliss in the Hereafter.

Meditation and spiritual comfort in Islam

Meditation and Spiritual Comfort in Islam

Meditation is the road of surrender which ultimately leads to an overwhelming sense of protection, harmony and peace. Through the art of meditation, we come to realize what the word ‘surrender’ entails and what it means to fully let go of oneself in the hands of the Divine Will.

The Beginner's Guide to Islamic Meditation

The Beginner's Guide to Islamic Meditation

What makes meditation and contemplation in Islam different to meditation outside of Islam is the fact that our end goal is not emotionally clarity and calmness. By contemplating and pondering, by re-making our hearts and re-fashioning our minds, we want to become more pleasing to Allah.

The Healing Power of Nature - A Psychological Take

The Healing Power of Nature - A Psychological Take

Human beings are created as both spiritual beings, and as creatures of the earth. We need to nurture both aspects of ourselves in order to be balanced. If you are suffering from excessive worry, or you have difficulty regulating your emotions; If you have been dieting and exercising, but you cannot lose weight; if you …

Muhammad visit Cave Hira

Why Did Prophet Muhammad Often Visit the Cave of Hira'?

Short Answer:Mostly, he was thinking and meditating on the Greatness of God, and seeking to escape the social ills that dominated Meccan society at the time, including abuse and neglect of women, idolatry, an unfair balance of wealth, and abuse of those living in poverty. It was during such a time that God sent revelation …

Is Meditation Prohibited in Islam? - About Islam

Is Meditation Prohibited in Islam?

Salam, Thank you very much for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. First of all, we need to consider whether the Quran, which is Allah’s Book of Guidance for us, as well as the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him), approves of the practice of meditation. In the following verses of …

Meditation in Different Religions - About Islam

Meditation in Different Religions

Islamic meditation is based on contemplation, called “tafakkur” in the Quran, which is a reflection upon the wonders of the universe leading to a worshipful appreciation of Allah Almighty’s creative power.

My Quest for the Truth - About Islam

My Quest for the Truth

I traveled to many parts of the world during my quest for the truth. I became very interested in tribal religions and the spiritualist way of thinking. I found that a lot of what these religions were saying had truth in them, but I could never accept the whole religion as the truth.

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