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“I WANT That!”- Deflating Our Ego in a Materialistic World

“I WANT That!”: Deflating Our Ego in a Materialistic World

Authentic, placatory contentment of the soul is fleeting today, despite an abundance of material resources. Anyone with even some wisdom can easily see the negatives of this global and all-ages-encompassing trend of “keeping up with the Joneses”…

4 Things That Can’t Make You Happy

4 Things Can’t Make You Happy

We look for happiness in many places. The question is, are the places where we’re looking for happiness the right places? Or are we just wasting our time by investing it in a fruitless business? Let us look at some of the most common things where we assume happiness lies.

Modern Primitiveness or Primitive Modernity?

Why people in the era of enlightenment, reason, reawakening, modernity and science still seem comfortable with their state of not knowing the answers to the most fundamental questions which, when all is said and done, signify a dividing line between civilization and primitiveness or backwardness…

Are You Ready to Leave?

Our lives do not end with death, far from it. Sure, our physical bodies perish and decay away, but the spirit that Allah has breathed into us is quickly released into another world…

Spirituality - The Lost Treasure

What are you collecting really? Things that will eventually wear out or perish, without bringing you any closer to God, Allah Almighty? While taking out charity will give you benefit both in this world (by making your life blessed) and in the hereafter (by increasing your good deeds and hence your status in the hereafter).

Get to Know Surah Al-Kahf – with Brother Nouman

In the first two stories, the contrast was between under-estimating the youth, in the story of the People of the Cave, and over-estimating the wealth in the case of one of the two gardeners. In the two stories in the second half of the Surah, Allah teaches us something else…

Hajj: Ritual and Spiritual

The practice of going back and forth as an effort made in the service of God continues, depicts the humility of Muslims just simply following the command and following the tradition. But the idols are no longer there, but we pray to God on these hillocks.

The 7 Roles of the Mosque

There are several authentic hadiths that demonstrate that the mosque of the Prophet was the normal place for those who would like to ask about Islam to come and ask. Non-Muslims were not banned or discouraged from the mosque as we, sadly, see today.

The Journey of the Heart: Consistency Is Key

We are all at different places in our journey. Sometimes we move ahead swiftly, sure-footed and strong. Other times we feel like the light is gone, like we just can’t get ourselves back to where we need to be.

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