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The Quran is Not For Muslims

The Quran is Not For Muslims Alone

God is not the God of Muslims and no where He claims that in Quran. He is creator of the universe(s), which is within and beyond our imagination. Quran is a book of guidance to preserve the cohesiveness within and what surrounds us; people and the environment.

Allah Speaks to All Mankind - A Powerful Reminder

Man is given the choice between two ways: One of guidance and the other of disbelief. Those who adopted the path of righteousness and gratefulness will be rewarded with Paradise and its delights. And those who adopted the path of disbelief and ungratefulness will meet an evil end.

Loving God and Mankind - Key to Paradise

Loving God entails knowing and obeying His commandments and His messenger. One may take the position that love of God and mankind is enough and thus shun all other commandments…

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