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How can I Enjoy Worship?

How Can I Enjoy Worship?

Short Answer: Something as simple as taking a leisurely walk outside, for example, can be a form of worship if we do it in Allah’s name and if it is good according to Islam. Exercise is a requirement in Islam because we have to protect the body that Allah gave us. The entire time we spend on …

How to Handle Hateful "Friends"

How to Handle Hateful "Friends"

In this counseling answer: • You should seek out other people who are real to you and want your best. • Take a good break from your false friends; spend as less time as possible with them. Assalam-O-Aleikom brother, I am glad you approached us and shared your problem with us. I will try my best …

non-practicing muslim friends

Should I Avoid My Non-Practicing Muslim Friends?

Short Answer: Of course not. None of us is perfect, and each of us is on a unique journey of faith and practice. Have patience with them, just as you’d like them to have patience with you. Be an example, don’t preach at them or abandon your friends. In the case of being around people drinking …

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