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Dua Jameela

What is Dua Jameela?

Short Answer: I have never heard or seen or come across the dua (supplication) you mentioned, and upon research, we learned that it is widespread in certain areas. However, this dua you mentioned has no basis in the Qur’an or in the Sunnah. Dua e Jameela is not authentic and shouldn’t be attributed to the Messenger (PBUH). Marriage is a test like everything else …

duaa menstruation

New Muslim Sister: Can I Make Du'aa' During Menstruation?

Short Answer: “Yes, definitely you can make du’aa’ (supplication) to Allah anytime you want!… Regarding your other question, do you have to do wudu and wear your prayer garment? No, not necessarily. We call upon Allah whenever and wherever. So it is not limited to when we have ablution and dressed in certain garments.” Salam Dear Sister, Thank you so …

Dua and Decree

Dua and Decree: Any Contradiction?

Short Answer: In no way, shape or form does the religion or belief in Qadar (destiny) mean we sit helplessly, passively and not take the means.  Allah will judge us on our intentions, efforts and pursuits. So, we need to work and seek His Help. If we’re not working at all, how will Allah judge us on …

husband abortion

I Want To Keep Our Baby, Husband Prays For An Abortion

Short Answer: “Within very specific circumstances and under strict conditions, abortion is permitted. However, a husband cannot simply decide that his wife must get an abortion, nor is she obliged to obey him in this matter. For him to demand this, without a valid reason, is a grave sin for which he will be held …

ask God

How do Muslims Ask God for Something?

Asalaamu alaykum, dear sister, Thank you for sending your question to Ask About Islam. It’s so good that you are seeking out ways to draw nearer and nearer to God. Du’aa’ : Your Direct Line to Allah Essentially, the question you’re asking is about du’aa’, or supplication, to Allah. This means any communication, both verbal and non-verbal, that …

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