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Where's the Love in the Quran?

Short Answer: The Quran is full of verses with practical manifestations of God’s love for His creation, and of believers’ love for God. In Islam, faith is a practical deed, not just an emotion. It has to be expressed practically in deeds as well as verbally in prayers. Consequently, you will find that in the Quran …

Do It For The Love Of Allah

Do It For The Love Of Allah

If people put a tenth of effort into their akhira as they do to the dunya then things would be so different for them. We have to learn to do things for the love of Allah.

Love Dunya

Love of Dunya: Where to Draw the Line?

Short Answer: This obsession with dunya, or the pleasures of this world, is mainly due to poor tawakkul  (full reliance on Allah) and discontentment, and fear of poverty. The solution is to take Allah and Prophet Muhammad’s advice and apply it to our lives: remember Allah in all we do, remember death is imminent, and …

We’re In Love With This Dunya – Sad Reality

We're In Love With This Dunya - Sad Reality

The sad reality is that today we’re in love with this dunya (this world). We are so happy to take from this world and get so angry when things are taken from us. We can never be satisfied with this world and what it has to offer us.

Qiblah Heart

What’s the Qiblah of Your Heart?

Salam Adda, Thank you so much for contacting us. Firstly, you linked the qiblah (direction) with the condition of our hearts and our pursuits in life. This is a great observation as we do direct our bodies towards the qiblah in prayer. But what makes this experience meaningful, deep, and sincere is realizing that our hearts …

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