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Shall I Wait Years for a Guy to Marry Me?

In this counseling answer: • Sort out your feelings regarding this guy. Being honest with yourself and him will insha’Allah save you both from much pain and disappointment now and in the future. • I would kindly suggest that you do not put off marriage but rather tell him you would like to marry but …

She Said to Move On, But I Love Her

She Said to Move On, But I Love Her

Answer: Wa ‘Alaikum Salaam brother, It can certainly be distressing when you love someone and they seem to feel the same way back, yet there are so many obstacles in the way that prevent things from moving forward. Obviously, to move forward in pursuing a marriage to her, you would have to do so in a …

Man and Woman: Before Marriage?

Man and Woman: Before Marriage?

Salam (Peace) Dear Sister, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. We welcome you to a wonderful journey of self-discovery in Islam, insha’ Allah (if God wills). You know, salam is such a wonderful word, especially when it is said with its full meaning—”peace.” Peace of mind is such a valuable …

May We Wish to Marry in Islam

May We Wish to Marry in Islam?

Salam Dear Shereen, Thank you for trusting our page with your dreams. We wish you and all Muslims joyful lives in stable homes. Your question implies that you’re probably a teenager, so I’m proud of you for your maturity, choosing to consult before getting involved in a relationship. May Allah always guide you to what pleases …

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