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Why Do I Love Allah?

Why Do I Love Allah?

To Him belong the most beautiful Names and Attributes. He accepts what is little and forgives a lot The more I know Allah, the more my love for Him grows and my desire to have more knowledge of His Perfect Names and Attributes increases. If I spend my entire lifetime pondering His Attributes, I will …


5 Remedies for Lovesickness

By no means love is a sickness in and of itself. Indeed, it is the only known cure for many of the problems and ailments that we as human beings suffer from. However, love can turn into an illness if it becomes obsessive, if it goes beyond its proper bounds…

We Love Allah because He Gives us Hope

We Love Allah because He Gives us Hope!

We love Allah because He gives us hope! We put hope in Allah to give ourselves and our loved ones security, safety and health! Sheikh Mohammad Elshinawy discusses this beautiful message! First Step: Repentance and Hope on the Journey to God

What Your Love of Allah Can Do For You (Spiritual Posts)

What Your Love of Allah Can Do For You (Spiritual Posts)

A man asked the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), “When will the Hour be established O Allah’s Messenger ?” The Prophet said, “What have you prepared for it?” The man answered, ” I haven’t prepared for it much of prayers or fast or charity, but I love Allah and His Messenger.” So, the …

When Love and Worship Collide - About Islam

When Love and Worship Collide

One fact of life that both Muslim youth and adults need to understand is that our worship and human weakness will constantly collide and be at odds with each other during our time on earth.

No Matter What, Never Give Up On Prayer

No Matter What, Never Give Up On Prayer

How can I be committing all of these sins and I pray? That’s disrespectful, or that makes me a hypocrite. Pray. Allah says the prayer will take you away from sin. Sometimes people say, “look let me straighten my life out and inshallah I’m going to start praying!

love unconditionally

Does God Love Us All Unconditionally?

Short Answer:God loves humans but hates their sins.This means that although bad deeds merit God’s disapproval and subsequent punishment, they also invoke His infinite mercy on a weak creature whom He has lovingly created, towhom He has given life, and whom He has nurtured with gifts and bounty. SalamDear Brother, Thank you for your question …

Narcissistic personality disorder

I'm Narcissistic; How Can I Love Allah?

In this counseling answer: “True submission to Allah can only be achieved when you are aware of your inner essence, yourself as soul and a spiritual being living on this earth.Once you achieve this level of awareness, you will naturally seek to stay connected with Allah. This is natural. This is also our natural and …

I Was in Hell Before I Knew God

I Was in Hell Before I Knew God

I grew up in a society with atheist past of Soviet Union, but at the same time, I was a Christian thanks to my family. I was so religious by nature though I didn’t get any deep knowledge or religious education for my self. But day-by-day, I discovered this…

Story of the Princess & the Construction Worker - About Islam

Story of the Princess & the Construction Worker

Can a princess marry a construction worker? What is the real meaning of freedom in Islam? Sister Muslema Purmul starts this excellent talk with a very interesting story of a princess and a construction worker. Once upon a time there was a new big grand mosque being built… When we let go of certain bad …

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