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The Logic of the Quran Led Me to Islam

The Logic of the Quran Led Me to Islam

One of the first things that stuck out to me with respect to the Quran has to do with preservation of the Quran. The Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) for a period of 23 years. And so this book was passed on by the Prophet Muhammad to his followers, and it has been preserved minutely since that time to this day.

My Logic Overcomes My Faith

My Logic Overcomes My Faith: How to Control that?

Short Answer:Of course, there are things we don’t understand, but isn’t that the case in life? We don’t understand everything. So it is with Islam. I used to ask myself the same questions you ask until, after much reading, I came to see that Islam is perfect and that it has the answer to all …


Why Faith and Reason, But Not Faith vs Reason?

Reasonis the capacity for consciously making sense of things, establishing and verifyingfacts. It also meansapplyinglogic, and changing or justifying practices,institutions, andbeliefsbased on information. It’sa definitive characteristic ofhuman nature. In fact, reasonis rationality. Reasoningis associated withthinking,cognition, andintellect. In fact,reasoning may be subdivided into forms oflogical reasoning(forms associated with the strict sense):deductive reasoning,inductive reasoning,abductive reasoning; and other …

Belief in God is Illogical - Says the Atheist?

Belief in God is Illogical - Says the Atheist?

In the West, two powers are rising: Islam and atheism. These two worldviews are at odds with each other, where atheism claims to be progressive and based on pure logic with God having no part in it, Islam claims to be relevant and reasonable with God as the driving force for all that exists.

Finding Love God

Finding Love or Finding God or Both? Part 3

Part 1 –Part 2 Salam (Peace) Brother, You are important enough for us to discuss these matters with you. God did not just create the universe and mankind and let them go about with absolutely no direction or no understanding. Did you ever see a creator of anything; a mobile, car, TV, or anymachine- who …

I Always Believed in a Single Creator - About Islam

I Always Believed in a Single Creator

More and more, literature, signs and evidence were revealed to me, and more and more, my intellect was stimulated and my heart warmed. I wanted to know everything about Islam and felt already a sense of brotherhood with and belonging among its followers…

7 Ways to Know Islam is the Truth - About Islam

7 Ways to Know Islam is the Truth

Mankind was given logic and intellect for a reason. God would never ask us to set it aside when it comes to faith and belief in Him. Without the use of our intellect, faith is rendered weak. God understands that man needs proof in order to have deeper faith.

The Adhan Changed Something Inside Me - About Islam

The Adhan Changed Something Inside Me

My uncle died in front of my eyes taking his last breath and that was the thing that changed a lot inside me. I just started feeling that this life isn’t exactly what I thought it is. We’re investing too much time and energy on things that could be gone in a second.

What Hinders Me from Believing? - About Islam

What Hinders Me from Believing?

Well, if the simple minded people of the past rejected the miracles and the Creator, how would we think that today’s population who are brain washed with ideas of evolution and secularism and atheism believe?

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