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High School Student: I Think I’ve Screwed Up My Life

High School Student: 'I Think I’ve Screwed Up My Life'

In this counseling answer: • Showing off is not the purpose of this life. • You should think of learning mathematics, engineering, and science in order to innovate so that your innovations can provide relief to those suffering. • You are only 19 and you haven’t lost any time at all. Now what you must …

Achieving goals

5 Tips to Achieve Your Goals

It’s good to have goals, big and small. Perhaps you want to write a book, lose weight, pray with more sincerity or attend the mosque more often . Some goals are more difficult than others. People that make the resolution to drop 20 lbs understand just how hard it is to maintain some of our goals after the initial momentum fades. Our brain is wired …

Muslim Youth

Muslim Youth Survival Kit (Part 2)

It’s true that there are challenges in today’s society and you feel at ends with practicing your deen. But this generation – your generation – is blessed with numerous resources to learn about Islam (and make it time-efficient), meet like-minded friends…

5 Tips To Achieve Your Goals

It is good to have goals, but it order to achieve them you must have a plan. We have 5 great tips to help you achieve your goals! Music: 5 Tips to Achieve Your Goals

Marriage, an Obstacle to Fulfilling My Dreams

Marriage, an Obstacle to Fulfilling My Dreams

Answer: As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum wa Rahmatullah dear sister,  Thank you so much for your question and your honesty. It seems you really want to complete your education, but there have been obstacles in your way. Firstly, I would go to a doctor to speak about your depression. Sometimes, severe depression can be helped by some medication …

I Don't Want To Work 9-5 All My Life; It's a Prison

I Don't Want To Work 9-5 All My Life; It's a Prison

Answer: As-Salamu ‘Alaykum brother, Thank you for your very thought provoking question.  As I understand your concerns, you see people working every day, often long hours and feel it is a prison system. You stated that you hated to see your family come to the UK just to “work their whole lives.” Yet, what did …

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