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Is Learning Arabic Essential? - About Islam

Is Learning Arabic Essential?

Is learning Arabic essential? It depends what your goals are in Islam. If you wish to pursue the scholarly route then you have to learn Arabic. The minimum is that we should all know what we are saying in the prayer. However, we should try and learn some Arabic so we can understand what is …

Must a New Convert Learn Arabic?

Must a New Convert Learn Arabic?

My question is, is it required for her to learn Arabic? What is the view of Islam in a matter like this where mother tongue of new converts is not Arabic?

Can I Offer Prayer in English؟

Can I Offer Prayer in English?

Dear scholars, as-salamu `alaykum. I recently spent some time with a Muslim family in which the husband was a convert to Islam. I was surprised to find that he hasn’t missed a single Prayer in 5 years, ma sha’ Allah. However, he told me that he doesn’t do the prayers in Arabic, instead, completely in English. Is this allowed? Jazakum Allah khayran.

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