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Suhaib Webb: What Makes a Muslim Leader

Suhaib Webb: What Makes a Muslim Leader

What does the ideal Muslim leader look like? When does a leader take initiative and when is it better to take the back seat? How does one continue work in the midst of burnout? Why should Muslim youth invest in developing their skills and talents? Why is it especially important at this time? Join Imam …

What Makes a Great Leader? Lessons from the Prophet's Leadership

What Makes a Great Leader? Lessons from the Prophet

Our potential as leaders is determined by those in our inner circles. What is your potential? What would you be doing if you were living at 100% of your potential in life? I want you think about this and create an image in your mind of you at your absolute best. What would you be doing daily?


Faith Activism - Preparing American Muslim Youth to Be Community Leaders

With Trump’s xenophobia and the presidential elections, American Muslim organizations train youth to be politically active in their communities. “Of course, I want to run for a public office. It is my long term goal. This is my calling!” said Saif Hamideh, a resident of Florida, with enthusiasm. Hamideh, who is in his early twenties, …

How Ramadan Makes Leaders

Ramadan reminds us of who we are as human beings and our relationship with our Creator. Recognizing our limitations is actually one of our strengths because through this recognition of dependency we develop a greater love and closeness to Allah.

Towards Achieving Unity in Islam

Behaving how we are instructed in the Quran will help us build an unbreakable bond amongst Muslims, but Muslims must do their part first on the individual level, then on the community level, national level, then on the global level. We can’t achieve global unity if we don’t start with ourselves.

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