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Demands Respect

8-Year-Old Son Demands Respect As Man of The House

In this counseling answer: •Your son demands respect as he needs to feel needed, included, important, and male. He needs to feel that he has an influence and is part of the process. Again, much of this can be accomplished during family meetings. •Eight-year-olds can be in charge of many things, such as a trash …

4 Ways to Rise Above Depression - About Islam

4 Ways to Rise Above Depression

Stop taking blame on yourself for something out of your control, and half your problem is solved Insha’Allah. In order to help you with that, imagine that a friend of yours in the same state as you’re in. They are terribly depressed and sad. How would you treat that person? Would you bully them…

I Forget Death: How Can I Stay Motivated? - About Islam

I Forget Death: How Can I Stay Motivated?

Peace be upon you dear questioner, Thank you so much for this question and for expressing your thoughts so that everyone can benefit from discussing them. What you mentioned is very interesting indeed. You are basically saying that you think it would be best for us to be created in such a way so that …

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