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Good Treatment of Animals– A Forgotten Part of Ihsan

Good Treatment of Animals – A Forgotten Part of Ihsan

If that is the case for an animal we’re about to slaughter, how about the animals which are living around us, sharing the same earth? I heard a heartrending story from a sister some time ago. A few people, just for fun, were torturing a mother cat by…

Meet The Man Who Fed Cats and Birds of Al-Aqsa for 30 Years

Meet the Man Who Fed Cats and Birds of Al-Aqsa for 30 Years

Ghassan Refai is an elderly Palestinian man who has fed the cats and birds of Al-Aqsa Mosque for the past 30 years. He’s known there as ‘Abu Huraira,’ which means “father of the kitten.” Cats and birds recognize him and they always follow him once he shows up. He is inspired by the legacy of …

'Life Repairer' Helps Disabled Animals to Walk Again

'Life Repairer' Helps Disabled Animals Walk Again

The story of this young man is one of the most heartwarming stories one can read. The kindhearted Turkish man is well known for helping injured animals in his town. Using his own means, Hasan Kizil  makes walkers and prosthetic limbs to help disabled animals walk again. There is no limit to the type of animals that Kızıl …

Keeping Pets: Allowed?

Could you please furnish me with a thorough answer on how Islam views caring for pets and keeping them in our houses?

animals heaven

Do Animals Go to Heaven? Does Islam Protect Them?

Salam Dear Sister, Thank you very much for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Thank you also for your care about animals and their fate. Islam Demands Kindness to Animals Let’s agree first that you should not break down because of what happen to animals and their sufferings. Rather, you should work hard to …

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