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The Massacre of Karbala': A Historical Analysis - About Islam

The Massacre of Karbala': A Historical Analysis

A journey back in history to revisit one of the most controversial and misconstrued events in Islamic history: the massacre of Karbala. Are Sunnis ‘on the side of Yazid’ or ‘on the side of Al-Husain’? Who is to blame for the death of Al-Husain? Should we curse Yazid? Join Dr. Yasir Qadhi as he analyzes …

Hurting Oneself in `Ashura': Any Basis?

Hurting Oneself in Ashura: Any Basis?

What is the Islamic perspective concerning the acts of the Shiites on the day of `Ashura’? We see them hurting themselves. Does this have any basis in Islam?

Why Al-Hussein Took His Family to Karbalaa'

Why Did Imam Al-Hussein Take His Family to Karbala?

Why did Al-Hussein (may Allah be pleased with him)take his familyin his expedition to Kufah? Was not he exposinghis householdto danger and risking their safety and life unnecessarily? This question is raised from time to time, especially on Muharram 10, the anniversary of the tragedy of Karbala. On that sad day, the grandson of Prophet …

Karbala’: Lessons for the Muslim Community

Karbala’: Lessons for the Muslim Community

The supporters of the theory that there are twelve Imams for the Muslim Ummah believe that the twelfth Imam will be Al-Mahdi. They have been waiting for his emergence for more than twelve hundred years now. We do not know when Al-Mahdi may appear.

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