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How to Avoid the Charm of Junk Food Ads on Kids?

How to Avoid the Charm of Junk Food Ads on Kids?

In this counseling answer: •Children may see ads on TV or in the supermarket, but parents still have control over what they are eating for a long time. Use this control to purchase the best foods for them and provide them with only healthy choices at home. If you don’t buy it and have it …

picky eater

My Daughter Is A Picky Eater, Please Help!

In this counseling answer: “Make eating healthy foods fun. Be creative, especially with your 5-year-old. Organise a healthy lunch on her plate in a fun way. Shape it like a flower, or something that you know she likes. You could buy a selection of different fruits in different shapes colors and make a fun picture …

It’s Called Junk and You Still Eat It

The profits of giant fast food chains hit billions of dollars every year as hungry consumers all around the world continue to line up to get hamburgers or pizzas with French fries and sodas. Fast-paced citizens of the 21st century spend their money and risk their health to eat junk. Mainly composed of fat and …

Beating that Bulging Belly

Remember the time you looked in the mirror while brushing your teeth and realized that your belly was jiggling unusually? That was probably the first time you noticed that your belly was starting to bulge a little, or a lot. That was, and usually is, also the time when you decided that you need to …

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