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Concept of People of the Book in Islam

Concept of People of the Book in Islam

We sometimes tend to use expressions at a general level without paying attention to their religious, or social boundaries. As generality generates ambiguity, this article will explore the meaning of the term ‘People of the Book’, highlighting its origins in the Qur’an and discussing, in brief, the usage and themes associated with it in the …

The Messiah in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

The Messiah in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

Short Answer:  Both the Muslims and the Christians believe that Jesus was really the Messiah expected by the Jews. But the Jews reject this idea, alleging that Jesus was a false Messiah. The title Messiah stands for anyone who has been chosen by God for a significant mission. In Judaism that mission was crucial to …

From a Member of Zionist Youth Movement to Islam

From a Member of Zionist Youth Movement to Islam

When I was eighteen years old I became a member of the local Zionist youth movement known as the Mizrachi Hatzair. But, when I found out what the nature of Zionism was, which made the hostility between Jews and Arabs irreconcilable, I left several months later in disgust.


Allah's Universe is Filled with Life

During Medieval times almost all Christian theologians accepted the Ptolemaic Geocentric Greek view of the universe as an absolute universal truth.

One God

Islam, Judaism, Christianity: Worshipping The Same God?

Short Answer: Yes! Muslims are worshipping the same God that Jews and Christians worship. We believe that God sent many prophets to mankind, all with the same message: worship God alone. That pure monotheistic message was diluted and corrupted over time. “Muslims believe that they have the fullest understanding of what that God is like …

Religious Symbols

The Origins of the Crescent, Cross, and Star of David

Salam Dear Sister, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. With regard to the origins of different religious symbols, I will explain the history of the four examples you mentioned in the question in details. The Cross The chief symbol of Christianity today is the cross. Christians view it as a powerful …

What Distinguishes Judaism from Islam? Part 2

Salam (Peace) Tina, Thank you very much for your question. Please find the second and final part of the answer to your question below. Find the first part at the link here. It might surprise you to know that Islam also approves the idea of the chosen-ness of the Children of Israel. But this is only in …

I Felt More Like a Muslim Than a Jew

Through this whole experience I have discovered that I did not find Islam, I re-embraced Islam; nor did I convert, I reverted; and on my ride from darkness to light, it has only made me a stronger, more spiritual, and a better human being.

Do Jews Believe Ezra Is The Son of God?

Asalamu Alaikum, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. Dr. Shabir Ally addresses this question in the video below: Transcript: Aisha Khaja: Dr. Shabir, the question that we have is a clarification on chapter 9 verse 30. And the verse says, the Jews—or part of it rather— is that Jews say Ezra is the …

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