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Muslims Celebrate Easter

Do Muslims Celebrate Easter?

Short Answer:Muslims actually believe that God raised Jesus to himself asthe Quransays {Rather, Allah raised him to Himself.} (4:158)But this raising to Himself is not connected with the resurrection of Jesus from the dead.In fact, in the Quran, in the passage, the longer passage in surah 4 verse 157 onwards, the impression we get is …

Jesus will return

Jesus Will Return: Why Not Muhammad?

Short Answer:Jesus is one of the most controversial and misunderstood figures in all of history. When Jesus returns, he will settle all of the controversial questions so that those who previously rejected him will see the man and now believe in him. In the Muslim traditionJesus returnsand dwells on earth for seven years. On the …

Did Jesus Have a Brother?!

Did Jesus Have a Brother?!

Short Answer:In the Quran, there is no mention of the marriage of Mary, the mother of Jesus or her having children other than Jesus, whose miraculous birth is given great attention in the holy text. On the other hand, in the Gospels we may read a number of verses that refer to the marriage of …

Islam continuation Christianity

Is Islam the Continuation of Christianity?

Short Answer:Islam accepts and is the completed final version of the previous messages originally revealed to Moses and Jesus, as well asAbraham, Noah …etc.Thus, Islam is the final message to remain preserved intact to the end-of-time. …………. Salam Dear Faisal, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Let me first correct …


How Can Jesus Be a Prophet: I Thought he Was Divine?

Short Answer:The Christians claim that Jesus was/is God incarnate – that he was the Son of God or God Himself born as His own Son. If this were true, Jesus would be a god beside God Almighty (orYahwehorGod the Father). But this belief contradicts the First Commandment of God given in the Bible: See the …

Prophets Better

Why Are Some Prophets Better Than Others?

Short Answer:You have asked about the difference between God and the prophets. Your question arises against the background of certain religions that have raised the status of their prophets to divinity. But any discerning person can see that prophets are beings apart from God; and that they are chosen and sent by God. …………. Salam(Peace) …

Can Muslim Children Celebrate Christmas with Their Non-Muslim Friends

Can Muslim Children Celebrate Christmas with Their Non-Muslim Friends?

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger. In this fatwa: 1- Just as you may invite Christians or others to share the joy of Eid, you are also allowed to share the joy of feasts by Christians …

Middlesex Muslims Set to Join Xmas Midnight Mass - About Islam

Middlesex Muslims Set to Join Xmas Midnight Mass

HARROW, Middlesex – Members of a local mosque in Harrow, Middlesex, the UK, will gather tonight to attend night mass at their neighboring local churches after being invited to share in the occasion. “For us, attending Midnight Mass is a great chance to participate in an important part of Christmas celebrations and meet people from …

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