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Far-Right Party Blocks Italian Muslims Mosque Plan

ROME – A far-right Italian party has intervened Sunday, October 28, to block Muslim efforts to turn a former hospital into a mosque, thus disappointing members of the religious minority, Reuters reported. “I would never put a Church on sale and I am amazed that the hospital management did not realize what a sensitive issue …

Italian Craftsman Gifts Painting to Mosque in Germany

COLOGNE – 50-Year-old Italian craftsman, Sarafino Pagetti, has presented a faience painting to the Selimiye Mosque in Bamberg in Bavaria, to express his gratitude. “Whenever I came here, I was treated with a warm, welcoming feeling. I have never felt alienated, they treated me like a brother,” Pagetti, who spent last Ramadan at the Turkish …

Trainee Lawyer Humiliated in Italy Over Hijab

A Muslim trainee lawyer was humiliated after a judge has ejected her from an administrative court in north Italy last week for not removing her hijab, Anadolu Agency reported on Tuesday.

Rome Mosque Imam Calls for Integrating Immigrants

A Muslim imam in Rome has urged fellow scholars and imams to integrate the new generation of immigrants in Italy, saying it will enhance social peace, counter extremist ideologies, and fight poverty.

Pope Surprises Muslim Family in Milan

In a time of increasing hate crimes and Islamophobia, Muslim women’s hijab is becoming a symbol of resistance and feminism, with women of different faiths donning it to express solidarity with Muslim women.

Italian Nativity Scene Features Hijabi Mary

Sending a message of unity and inclusion, an Italian priest has put a nativity scene portraying Mary in a hijab and the figures of Joseph and the shepherds are wearing traditional Muslim clothing.

Italy Creates Islam Council

Italy’s Interior Minister Angelino Alfano has announced the establishment of a council for relations with the country’s Muslims, claiming it will bring the religion into compliance with the country’s “Christian and humanist tradition”.

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