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I Want to Get Married, but My Father is Silent

I Want to Get Married, but My Father is Silent

In this counseling answer: • Should you wish to pursue the marriage, then it is possible to seek an alternate mahram male to fulfill this role. • Letting go of a child that they have cared for all their life is not easy for a parent to do. • Seeing things from his perspective will …

The Result Of Istikhara Is Not From Dreams

The Result Of Istikhara Is Not From Dreams

Many of us make the mistake that the result of Istikhara comes from dreams, but it doesn’t. Allah will set obstacles for us if it is not meant to be. We need to be more aware of what Istikhara means. Reading Istikhara Signal in Marriage Proposals

3 Steps Will Help You to Make Tough Decisions

3 Steps Will Help You Make Tough Decisions

If you’re turning to Allah and calling out to Him for His help with every fiber of your being, there is nothing, absolutely nothing, better for you. Appeal to Him with deep sincerity and with complete and utter faith in the fact that Allah (SWT) always wants best…

love istikhara

I Love Him, But He Doesn't Know Me. Can I Pray Istikhara?

Short Answer: A Muslim girl should work with her parents’ approval and guidance when it comes to marrying someone whom she fancies, in most cases. Perhaps, if they agree, they can initiate a marriage proposal to the said young man through their social network/community contacts. Once again, if you continue to pray istikharah, if this marital union is good …

Dua For Istikhara - Saad Al Qureshi

This dua will help you make the right decision and it based on the hadith narrated by Jabir bin ‘Abdullah. Recited beautifully by Saad Al Qureshi.

Istikharah Answer

Istikharah: How to Read the Answer?

Short Answer: The guidance sought is usually felt within the heart, rather than sensed by any of our physical senses, or dreamed while in a state of unconsciousness. Muslims should always be striving to purify the state of their inner senses in order to be more capable of interpreting and receiving Allah’s guidance. ______________________________________ Salam …

Seeing A Dream After Istikhara

Many people believe that they will see a dream after making Istikhara. It can happen but most of the time it will not. We must learn how to read the results of istkhara.

Confused Over Result Of Istikhara?

Dr. Yasir Qadhi explains what we should do if we are confused over the result of Istikhara. We are always inclined one way, it is impossible to remain neutral! Excellent advice.

How to Pray Istikhara and How to Read the Decision?

Praying Istikhara - How to Read the Results?

The results of an istikhara prayer can take many forms. Basically, you go by your feelings, whether you now feel more favorable or not. Also, you may notice events have changed, either for what you have expected or not. Note that you must follow the results of an istikhara…

10 Tips for Revert Brothers' Marriage Proposal

If a woman or her family inquires about your previous lifestyle, you don’t have to give details, and it is better to just avoid it in a nice manner. Simply remind them that God has forgiven you for sins when you accepted Islam, and that Islam has transformed you into a better person…

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