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With Islamic Art, Muslim Scientist Revolutionizes Metamaterials - About Islam

With Islamic Art, Muslim Scientist Revolutionizes Metamaterials

A new set of “metamaterials” has been created based on intricate, repeating patterns found in Islamic art. Metamaterials are engineered to have properties that don’t occur naturally, such as getting wider when stretched instead of just being longer and thinner. These perforated rubber sheets made by a Canadian team do just that – and then …

Ijtihad 101

Ijtihad 101: Why, When & How We Re-Interpret Islamic Law

Short Answer:Ijtihad is the Arabic word for the exercise of one’s reasoning to arrive at a logical conclusion on a legal issue done by jurists to deduce a conclusion as to the effectiveness of a legal percept in Islam. It’s important because Islam is universal and people are always facing new challenges which old interpretation …


Gardening: An Islamic Philosophical Architecture

If heaven, the ultimate reward that we are striving for, is described as “gardens underneath which rivers flow”, then what places on Earth could give us better foretaste of Paradise than gardens?

Islamic Philosophy of Science

Islamic Philosophy of Science

Attempting to answer questions of agency, causality and universality from an Islamic perspective is called the “Islamic philosophy of science.” In answering these questions from an Islamic perspective, there are hundreds of verses in the Qur’an talking about the world, about computing, and observing the universe that can be referred to. In the case of …

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