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New Convert Eager to Learn About Islamic New Year and Ashura

Short Answer:Muharram commemorates the migration of the Prophet pbuh from Makkah to Madina and it is the first month of the lunar Hijri calendar. It is one of the four forbidden months and the tenth day commemorates the successful crossing of the Red Sea by the Children of Israel in their flight from Pharaoh and …

The Islamic New Year - A New Start

The Islamic New Year - A New Start

Our Hijrah is yet another chance for Muslims to become better people. In this world we are struggling against personal weakness and struggling against the power of the world itself and striving towards heaven… This Hijrah we are called to leave old ways behind…

Muharram – Islamic New Year

Muharram - Islamic New Year

This is a sweet little poem aimed at children explaining how to make this Islamic year the best one to achieve our goals as well as why Muharram is so important!

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