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Did You Know Most of Brightest Stars Have Arabic Names

Most of Brightest Stars Have Arabic Names

Because of the prominent role of Muslim astronomers during the Islamic Golden Ages, many of the stars that have been named actually have an Arabic name. The names are Latinized, but we can often find traces of the Arabic words in them. Islamic astronomers, such as Abd al-Rahman al-Sufi, had an important role in the …

Al-Battani: the Trigonometrical Genius

Al-Battani (Albategnius): The Trigonometrical Genius

Abu Abdallah Muhammad Ibn Jabir Ibn Sinan Al-Battani Al-Harrani, known in the West as Albategnius, is considered the greatest astronomer of his time and one of the greatest during the Middle Ages. Al-Battani was born around 858 C.E. in Battan, a state of Harran, and was first educated by his father Jabir Ibn San’an Al-Battani, …

The Muslim Chemistry Revolutionaries!

The Muslim Chemistry Revolutionaries!

Muslims played a large part in our modern society today with their discoveries in chemistry. Check out the Muslim Chemistry revolutionaries and what they developed!

Hospitals in Islamic History - About Islam

Hospitals in Islamic History

The capital of the Islamic caliphate empire kept changing from one dynasty to another. In each capital, an important medical center developed. Thus, by the end of the 13th century, there were many medical centers spread throughout the Islamic world. As this is an expansive subject in history, Space does not allow the description of …

History of Islamic Contributions to Science - About Islam

History of Islamic Contributions to Science

In the book, “Medicine: A History of Healing,” Ray Porter writes, “Arabic medicine contributed little to the treasures of Greece and Rome.” However, in an article on Islamic plant medicine found in “Herbs for Health Magazine,” David Tschanz writes, “In the middle of the seventh century, Europe was mired in stagnation… For Europe, it was …


Automation & Robotics in Muslim Heritage

Badi’ al-Zaman Abu ‘l-‘Izz Ibn Isma’il Ibn al-Razzaz al-Jazari was a prominent medieval Muslim inventor. He lived during the 12th-13th centuries. Al-Jazari’s book ‘Fi Maarifat Al-hiyal Al-handasiyyaor Ingenious Mechanical Devices, was arguably the most comprehensive and methodical compilation of the most current knowledge about automatic devices and mechanics of its time. The book systematically charted …


Famous Agnostic Sheds Light on Islamic Golden Age

It was a moment in history when the Islamic civilization opened its doors to new ideas from the East and from the West. In fact, the confident Muslims took these ideas and remolded them in a uniquely Islamic mold. Out of this caldron came Islamic art, architecture, astronomy, chemistry, mathematics, medicine, music, philosophy and ethics.The …


Saliba Sheds Light on the Islamic Golden Age

Dr. George Saliba is a professor of Arabic and Islamic Science in the department of Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures at Columbia University in the USA. Saliba is one of world’s leading sources on the topic of the history of Islamic Science. He is the author of Late Arabic Scientific Commentaries: Their Role …

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