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Islam continuation Christianity

Is Islam the Continuation of Christianity?

Short Answer: Islam accepts and is the completed final version of the previous messages originally revealed to Moses and Jesus, as well as Abraham, Noah …etc. Thus, Islam is the final message to remain preserved intact to the end-of-time. …………. Salam Dear Faisal, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Let me first correct …

Tell Your Kids the Story of Jesus

Tell Your Kids the Story of Jesus

Many times in the year while Christians celebrate their religious occasions like Christmas, Easter and Thanksgiving, Muslim parents might face some questions raised by their children about Christianity and Jesus Christ. These occasions are the best time for Muslim parents to educate their children about other faiths and how Muslims respect other people’s beliefs. It’s …

Establishing a College for Teaching Islam and Christianity

Establishing a College for Teaching Islam and Christianity: OK?

What does Islam say about establishing a college where Islamic Shari`ah and Christian Theology are taught in the same place? The purpose of this university is to alleviate the tension between Muslims and Christians and to bring them closer and allow an opportunity for mutual co-operation.

Religious Diversity

What Does Islam Say About Religious Diversity?

Short Answer: Islam holds that from the beginning, God has been sending prophets to different peoples at different stages in human history to give them divine guidance as to how to live this life. Muhammad never claimed that he was teaching a new religion; he said that his mission was to restore the pure religion, taught …

The Lord's Prayer & The Last Supper: The Islamic Take

Short Answer: The Lord’s Prayer and the Last Supper are only “proof” of what Jesus said if you believe that what is recorded in the four Gospels of the Christian Church is actually what he said. This is the first, and probably the major, point of disagreement. Muslims believe that Islam is the natural religion of mankind and that it …

Knocking on Door

Knocking on My Door, She Said: “Jehovah, Jehovah”

Early one Sunday morning, I was awoken by a knock on my door. On opening the door I saw a smartly dressed woman with a bag in her left hand, a book in her right and a smile on her face. Curious to know what drew her to knock on my door, I invited the …

Does Islam Have Pagan Roots?

Salam dear brother,  Thank you very much for contacting About Islam with your question.  In the past, some opponents of Islam have tried to discredit it in whatever way possible. One way was to malign the Last Prophet personally; another was to question the authenticity of the Quran. They discovered that these were futile attempts, so …

Comparing and Contrasting Islam and Christianity

Asalamu Alaikum Mohamed, Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. Before I go into comparing and contrasting Islam and Christianity, I think it is worth mentioning something about “hate”. There is no verse in the Quran or Prophetic Tradition (hadith) that advocates that Muslims should hate anything or anyone. There are verses in …

What to Focus on When Conversing with a Christian?

What to Focus on When Conversing with a Christian?

Salam Dear Hasnet, Thank you for your question. Your question is as important to us as any other question. First let me tell you about the boy who claims to hail from a planet called: Iglam. From what you have written about him, it seems that he has a psychological problem. Ordinary people like you and …

Is Islam the Enemy of Christianity

Is Islam the Enemy of Christianity?

Salam (Peace) Dear David, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. At the outset, I would request you to read my answer with the charity characteristic of a follower of Christ. You have every right to express your anger and disagreement; but I request you to be a little considerate to me, …

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