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Nonprofit Orgs Rush to Aid Earthquake Victims in Iraq, Iran - About Islam

Nonprofit Orgs Rush to Aid Earthquake Victims in Iraq, Iran

Following news of the catastrophic earthquake that hit the Iraq-Iranian border villages, killing at least 332 people and injuring hundreds, several humanitarian appeals were launched to help those affected, sending humanitarian aid to affected areas.


Prominent Muslim Roboticists & Inventors

From the Iraqi Banu Musa brothers of the 9th century, to the Andalusian engineer Abbas Ibn Firnas, to Al-Jazari who lived and worked in the 12th century – Jim Al-Khalili guides us through the work of the engineers and innovators of the Golden Age of science (9th – 14th centuries).


Medieval Islamic Hospitals & Medical Schools

Medieval Islamic civilization focused a great deal of attention on developing the medical arts. A key aspect was the development of hospitals and medical schools throughout the period.


Rhazes: Persian Muslim Galen

Abu Bakr Mohammed ibn Zakariya ar-Razi (born in Rey, Iran – c. 841-926) gave no early indication that he would someday be considered the greatest of all Islamic Caliphate’s physicians.

Mohammad refugee

Mohammad Shares His Story as a Refugee

It was New Year’s eve, and my daughter Saanya and I were at Skaramangas camp outside Athens, Greece listening to the heartbreaking and hopeful stories of refugees so we could share the human side of this massive crisis through our writing and photography. We asked Mohammad, an affable Iraqi Kurdish man with blue-grey eyes, his …


Muslim Algoritmi: World's First Algebraist

Algebra. Even the word is enough to strike terror into the hearts of junior high and high school students the world over – not to mention send shivers of apprehension down the backs of their parents as they start the process of solving for “x” or “y”, and sometimes both.

Islamophobe ended up Muslim

I was an Islamophobe, I Ended up Muslim

I was one of the biggest Islamophobes on the planet. Why? Well, I was born and raised in America. When 9/11 happened, I was 23…. and I had never heard of Islam or even the word Muslim. I was terrified of what happened, and became a Christian because of it… the very next Sunday.

Muslim Woman Helps Displaced Christians in Iraq - About Islam

Muslim Woman Helps Displaced Christians in Iraq

Believing in Islam’s true tenets of mercy and compassion, an Iraqi Muslim dentist has been offering help to Christians and other people displaced by fighting in Iraq, dedicating her life to protecting civilians of all faiths.

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