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Atheist Loves a Muslim

Atheist Loves a Muslim: What Should She Do?

Short Answer: Have you discussed with your friend how he would feel marrying someone who is not Muslim? Would it be a deal-breaker for him? If he is fine with marrying a non-Muslim, then you could continue to pursue the relationship further without having to worry. However, if he expresses concerns or hesitation towards marrying a …

Interfaith Marriage Today

Interfaith Marriage Today and Religious Holidays

Short Answer: When a Muslim man marries a believing woman from among the People of the Book (Christians and Jews), he should not try to prevent her from practicing her own faith. It would be inappropriate in a Muslim household to have icons of Jesus or other religious figures. But aside from that, he needs to …

Boyfriend Can’t Marry Me Because I’m a Non-Muslim

Boyfriend Can’t Marry Me Because I’m a Non-Muslim

In this counseling answer: • While her mother does have an Islamic standing on your not being Muslim, she has no standing in Islam regarding your ethnicity. • The best situation would be that you see the light of Islam and take shahada. That would mean that you would revert to Islam and be a …

What Are the Interfaith Marriage Rules

What Are the Interfaith Marriage Rules?

Salam Dear Gul, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. First of all, the general rule is that it is permissible for Muslim men to marry from the People of the Book (Christian and Jews). However, it is not allowed for Muslim women to marry a non-Muslim. Allah (SWT) says in the …

How to Build a Successful Interfaith Marriage

How to Build a Successful Interfaith Marriage?

Short Answer:  You should both enter the marriage with respect for the other’s beliefs. Discuss with her issues relating to religion and child rearing before marriage. Make sure that love, caring, communicating and mutual respect are the basis of your life together. Make sure that you raise your children as Muslims. _____________________________________ As-Salamu Alaykum Dear Ardi, Thank you for …

Mom Doesn’t Accept My Non-Muslim Husband

Mom Doesn’t Accept My Non-Muslim Husband

In this counseling answer: “You could arrange something where you will all get together in a positive environment. If she is given this chance to get to know him like you do and talk to him herself rather than hearing about him through you, then she will be given the opportunity to develop a fondness …


Marriage Between a Muslim Man and a Christian Woman?

Short Answer:  There are five conditions for the validity of a marriage contract in Islam. Getting married in a church before going on to the mosque for the “Muslim” ceremony is quite missing the point. In the eyes of Islam, the Christian ceremony does not join the two in marriage. _____________________________________ Assalamu Alaikum Syed, Thank …

Interfaith Marriage

The Challenge: Interfaith Marriage & Child Rearing

As-Salamu ‘Alaykum, Thank you so much for writing to us. Let us be clear right from the start that even though Islam allows Muslim men to marry righteous women from the People of the Book, there is no compromise on two fronts: The children must be raised as Muslims. The household must be conducted according …

Christian Man & Muslim Woman In Love: Can It Work?

Christian Man & Muslim Woman In Love: Can It Work?

In this counseling answer: The counselor advises the brother to follow this woman’s lead and wait for a year to see how things unfold. She further encourages him to learn about Islam and also to, first and foremost, focus on his studies and work. Peace and blessing to you dear brother, Thank you so very …

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