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The First Steps a New Convert Should Take

Emptying the heart is not rejecting all things in this world, it is prioritizing and removing those false attachments or false gods that we think we could never give up or live without. This place of reverence is to be reserved for Allah, this attachment is the only real attachment, and everything else is temporary.

Doing Good for Goodness’ Sake?

There are many people who love virtue. They love to pardon those who have wronged them. They love acquiring religious knowledge, exhibiting good manners, and behaving ethically. It is the way they are, even without formulating any conscious, deliberate intention to be that way.

How Do Muslims Pray? (Part 1)

Face the qiblah, which is the direction of the Ka‘bah (the Holy House of Allah in Makkah). For the qiblah in your town, consult the local mosque or

Seeking Nearness to Allah - How?

The waseelah (the means by which Allah has asked us to take it to approach Him only means that we should perform obligatory and extra works, it means nothing else.

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