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Sonny Bill Williams Talks about Inspiring Young Muslims

As a committed Muslim, New Zealand rugby superstar Sonny Bill Williams hopes to continue inspiring young Muslims, Pacific Islanders and his children, as he looks to grow as a person and leader, TV New Zealand reported. “I know I didn’t have to study, but I want my kids to grow up to be whatever they …

American Interfaith Youth Summit Inspires Unity, Service

NEVADA – A sum of 80 teenagers from over ten different faiths including Muslim American youth concluded their activities at the ‘Voices for Change’ Interfaith Youth Summit which was organized by Nevada Interfaith Association since mid-November, ThisisReno reported on December 1. “The interfaith youth summit paved the way to establish our future diverse leaders. It …

Muslim Grad Named UK’s First Rhodes Scholar Since 1955

KENTUCKY – A British Muslim student who attends the University of Kentucky has been named a Rhodes Scholar, one of the most prestigious scholarships in the world. “I am incredibly honored to have been selected as a Rhodes Scholar,” said Hadeel Abdallah, the daughter of Younes Abdallah and Maissa Abdallah of Lexington, Kentucky Relay Media …

Dolls Inspire Young Muslim Girls to Dream Big

DUBAI – Hoping to inspire young Muslim girls to take pride in their faith, a Dubai-based company has created a set of hijabi dolls that represent a wide range of interests and aspirations. “We want young girls who don’t often see their cultural identities and faith represented in a relatable way to know that they …

From Where Do We Get Inspiration?

Love is a source of inspiration. Spiritual and emotional attraction provides radiance and motivation. It makes people more receptive to being inspired. A woman with a vital heart and live emotional sense is receptive to inspiration and has greater intuition than a man.


Amanah Fitness - This Muslim Lady Is Helping Others Lose Weight

Amina Khan, A Ph.D student in Psychology,  is a CANfit-PRO Certified Fitness Instructor with a mission to improve health in the Muslim community after her own 60-pound weight loss journey. She is the founder of Amanah Fitness, which is dedicated to restoring health awareness in the Muslim community through online nutrition and physical exercise programs …

behind veil

How Does Allah Communicate to Us "From Behind a Veil"?

Salam Dear Zahra, Let me first thank you for your question which reflects a great interest in understanding the meanings of the Quran and reflecting upon its great teachings. Actually, we are all called, in these difficult times, to get back to the Quran and take from its guidance and light what can help us …

Inspiration 2 - I Am Not Like Others

Inspiration 2 - I Am Not Like Others

In the 2nd Inspiration series, the young man struggles with drugs and coming to terms with Allah watching him at all times. What happens? Check and see.

Lemonade for love

6-Year-Old Girl Founds Her Charity Project 'Lemonade For Love'

After being a foster kid herself, A’layah Robinson is donating all of her lemonade money to help kids in human service custody. A’layah is the founder of ‘Lemonade for Love’ for selling lemonade to buy backpacks, toothpaste, toys and other essentials for foster kids in need.

Travel Lets you See yourself Differently

When you stand at the foot of a great mountain, you get a sense of how small you are in the grand scale of things. When you stand next to an immense old Roman column in Lebanon or Morocco, or by the pyramids in Egypt, you get a sense of the immensity of history and the passage of time.

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