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Help Me Find My Inner Peace!

In this counseling answer: •As you grow and age, you will realize that perfection is not a destination; it is a journey. •Allah saved you from committing suicide. Can He then not ease your social anxiety? •Congratulate yourself on your accomplishment. •Get strong, find your peace before thinking of getting married. •Find your passion. •Set …


How to Regain the Light and Peace in my Heart?

Short Answer:  When we neglect to feed our hearts and souls, we feel dry from the inside and we miss the moments of peace and light we once had when our hearts were connected with Allah. The following 8 suggestions will help us regain His Light In-Shaa-Allah. _____________________________________ Salam Dear Reader, Thank you so much for …

Loving for Others What We Love for Ourselves

Loving For Others What We Love For Ourselves

My relationship with others tends to be what makes or breaks that sacred relationship with my Creator. When I have pure intentions towards others and I am genuinely trying to follow the “golden rule,” I feel I am also sincere in my relationship with Allah.

Happiness Is… (Folder)

What makes you really happy in this life? Your big house, career, money, family…? We can find happiness in everything around us but happiness in this world is temporary and quickly passing. In Islam, real happiness is found in bonding with our creator, worshiping Him, and being grateful to Him.

Modern Stress and its Cure from the Quran

Modern Stress and its Cure from the Quran

Everything belongs to God and returns to Him. So if we don’t own a thing, why do we mourn our loss? Our destiny is predetermined. We do not have control on that part. What we have to control over is a limited free will, that is our actions, our choice to do good or bad…

4 Things Will Clear Your Confusion About Divine Decree

4 Things Will Clear Your Confusion About Divine Decree

We should think, plan and make the right choices, but, if sometimes things do not turn out the way we want, we need not lose hope or get depressed. We should pray to God and try again. If in the end we still do not achieve what we wanted, we should know we have tried our best and are not responsible for the results.

Why Am I Depressed? Where to Find Inner Peace?

Why Am I Depressed? Where to Find Inner Peace?

Depression usually comes from being far from Allah. Anyone who is in love and you take them away from their loved one, what happens to them? You feel distant, you feel sorrow. The nature of our souls is that they want Allah, they need the remembrance of Allah.

Meditation and spiritual comfort in Islam

Meditation and Spiritual Comfort in Islam

Meditation is the road of surrender which ultimately leads to an overwhelming sense of protection, harmony and peace. Through the art of meditation, we come to realize what the word ‘surrender’ entails and what it means to fully let go of oneself in the hands of the Divine Will.

Serenity is a Light From God

Serenity is a Light From God

The believer that is connected to Allah is living in His companionship. If Allah is with you, who is it that that can be against you? But if Allah is against you, who is it that can claim being with you? That feeling of companionship is priceless.

Inner Peace

How to Attain Inner Peace and Strength?

Short Answer: All Muslims are encouraged to work on self-development, the struggle against the self. It involves dissolving negative emotions such as greed, jealousy, envy, deceit, and hypocrisy. When we do that, we are more able to have control of our ego and our will, and we find inner peace. ______________________________________ Salam (Peace) Janet, Thank you …

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