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Digital Solar Clock

Waking for a Sunless Suhoor by Solar Alarm

How can a solar alarm clock wake me up for suhoor, I thought when I saw an online ad for one. It was shortly before the beginning of Ramadan and the importance of waking early for suhoor was running through my mind.

Facts about International Earth Day

Facts about International Earth Day

Being stewards of the Earth, it is the responsibility of Muslims to care for the environment in a proactive manner. There is a definite purpose behind the creation of different species, be it plants or animals.

Is Sahih al-Bukhari Authentic? Part 1

Salam (Peace), Thank you for contacting About Islam with your question. Please find part one of the answer to your question below. Find the second and final part at the link here. May I first of all congratulate you on your acceptance of the Quran as authentic. For the Sahihain (Bukhari and Muslim), it is necessary to know …

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