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Muslim and American - Feeling Like a Problem

Muslim and American - Feeling Like a Problem

This is not normal. It creates an identity crisis in young Muslims and further alienates them. In school or the workplace, young Muslims feel like they need to abandon part of their Islamic identity in order to fit in. For example, young Muslim women sometimes feel pressured to take off or modify their hijab so they do not stick out or become the target or verbal or physical abuse.

Does Becoming A Muslim Mean You Have to Adopt A Culture?

Does Becoming Muslim Mean You Have to Adopt a Culture?

Is it necessary to change even more by adopting a new culture? The answer is no. The more you learn about Islam, the more you’ll learn about the various cultures of Muslims. The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was from Arabia but that doesn’t mean…

Identity Struggle: How it Affects British Muslims

This article is a second episode for the article published earlier under the title: Bullying, Islamophobia: How to Address Challenges Facing Young Muslims LONDON – One of the biggest challenges facing British Muslims is finding ways to be involved more in society. Up until now, this form of inclusion is based on common values of faith …

Calgary Islamic School Tackles Stereotypes with Theater

CALGARY – For the first time in Canada, a Calgary Islamic school has partnered with a local theater company to tackle subjects like Islamophobia, identity, and the history of Muslims in the country, CBC reported. “It’s been amazing,” said Grade 9 teacher Noreen Bashir, a student in Calgary Islamic School’s Omar Bin Al-Khattab. “They’ve been …

Brooklynn Muslims

'Muslims in Brooklyn': New Oral History Project at Historical Society

Muslim residents of Brooklyn have spoken — and you can hear their words starting on Dec. 6 “Muslims in Brooklyn” features interviews with 50 Muslims who discuss their lives in the borough. NEW YORK – The Brooklyn Historical Society in the USA will launch its newest oral history project ‘Muslims in Brooklyn’ on December 6 …

What Kept My Faith Strong as a Youth?

One Thing Kept My Faith Strong as a Teenager

People asked me: “When you were a teenager at high school, I went to secular schools in Australia, were you a religious person or not?” Alhamdulillah I was. But it was very difficult, it’s not that easy… You have to be challenged. I went in year 7 and year 8…

Patriotic Muslims Proud of British Identity: Report

LONDON – Muslims in the UK are proud of their British identity more than the general population, as they place higher emphasis on education and identify more strongly with their religious identity, a new report has revealed. “While British Muslims identify strongly with their religious identity, they are also staunchly British,” said Asif Aziz, the …

The Identity of African American Muslims

The Muslim American of African descent has a cultural and religious identity that has survived in spite of external and internal assaults. Indeed, no other socio-ethno-religious minority in America has had its sense of ‘being’ so challenged.  The African American Muslim nonetheless managed to carve out an identity and culture that is unique and specific …

Are You Maintaining Your Culture After Conversion?

Are You Maintaining Your Culture After Conversion?

Trying to become an Arab is not a requirement; it is also an unnecessary difficulty. You will fail if you try to be or become that which you are not. Those who mistakenly mix accepting Islam to denying their own cultural identity often fail at the latter…

4 Mistakes Many Converts Make

4 Mistakes Many Converts Make

After I had bullied my convert comrades into conceding to this concept, we started talking about miseducation. Why epiphanies often occur in Taco Bell, I will never know. But among those wrappers of half-eaten bean burritos, we dug deeper to decipher what can legit qualify as a mistake a convert makes.

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