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Ramadan Around the World with the Muslims of Instagram

It is during Ramadan when we may best notice how seamlessly the veins of our life come together. Work, chores, food, shopping, being with family, serving others, increasing worship – there truly is no separation between deen and dunya. What does Ramadan look like for you? Here are some of our favorite images shared on Instagram …

Fiqh of Heart: Going Beyond the Physical Aspect of Islam

Fiqh of Heart: Going Beyond the Physical Aspect of Islam

When we talk about the teachings of Islam, we are inclined to focus on one aspect, that is, the apparent practical side, and ignore the other, equally or even more important, spiritual and ethical aspect. That is why most of the questions addressed to scholars are related to the body movements and physical aspects: where …

constant busyness

Addiction to Busyness: Is It Good For Us?

Wa alaykum salaam, José Thank you for contacting Ask About Islam and for your excellent question. Yes, I would have to agree that there are many people who seem to waste their time, and I am one of them, to be sure! There is a phrase my grandmother used to always say, and maybe it …

Spirituality vs. Society

Spirituality at Odds with Society? (+Video)

True spirituality is to be able to move from those moments of solitude with Allah to begin to find spiritual peace and tranquility within the creation and when dealing with others. Allah Almighty says about the prophets that they used to walk in the markets; that they used to deal with people.

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