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German Lady Finds Islam in Dubai

I was raised with Muslims together. It started actually when my elder brother converted to Islam. The reason why he converted to Islam was that he married a Turkish Muslim woman. So being his sister and wanting to protect him in his decision, of course we went to Islamic centers. Well, I did.

The Five Languages of Love

When spouses tune into each other, they are able to develop healthier relationships with each other, their children, their extended family, friends, neighbors, and the whole community.

New Muslims: Tips for a Happy Marriage

Marriage is a give and take, not take, take, take! When a woman is upset, she tends to verbalize her feelings, whereas the man wants to hold it in and not talk about it.

Muslims and Punctuality

Why tardiness is not something seen in the most erudite of scholars, and why I don’t believe that it is religiously appropriate. And I maintain that view despite the prevalent disregard for time in some Muslim cultures.

The Ultimate Source of Knowledge

Having the Quran in the heart but not acting upon what is loved by God and not refraining from engaging in activities that are despised by Him is a poor reflection of a Muslim’s plight in this world.

What Would Muhammad Do?

What can we learn from the Prophet’s character and how can we implement these learnings in our lives today? Can we always be truthful like him who was known as As-Sadik or the truthful one? Can we be kind in the face of adversity as he was? And can such kindness help us deal with Islamophobia?

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