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This Muslim Feeds Poor and Homeless in his Restaurant Everyday

Muslim Restaurant Feeds Homeless People in D.C. Everyday

Sakina Halal Grill, a Pakistani restaurant in Washington D.C. feeds homeless and poor people every single day as if they were full paying customers. The restaurant is locatedjust blocks from theWhite House. “If someone says, ‘I need a free meal,’ I say ‘OK,’” Kazi Mannan, owner of the restaurant toldABC7. “I’m Trying to worship our …

Ramadan: Allah’s Great Favor To Humanity

Ramadan: Allah's Great Favor To Humanity

Sheikh Yasir Fahmy reminds us how great Ramadan and fasting is. In the fast there is the capacity for us all to be conscious with Allah (SWT). When we get hungry during Ramadan, we tell ourselves not to eat. This means we are increasing in Taqwa each day during Ramadan because we are mindful of …

How did the Prophet Deal with his Neighbors? - About Islam

How did the Prophet Deal with his Neighbors?

Some of the Prophet’s neighbors were bent on giving him a hard time, resorting to all sorts of tactics that were bound to offend and harass even the most patient of people. Yet Prophet Muhammad never replied with anything other than a good turn. The maximum that he did…

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