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Natural Cures for Depression

Natural cures for depression succeed largely because they “dig deep” for the actual source of the problem and then try to “uproot it.”

Alive But Dead! Bio Miracle of People of Cave (Ahl Al-Kahf) - About Islam

Alive But Dead! Bio Miracle of People of Cave (Ahl Al-Kahf)

Imagine ourselves being caged or imprisoned for lifetime. Though even in jail, one is given the basic amenities yet one gets shriveled before age, one loses his originality of being the person who he is. Even staying in a dark room for a while leaves us terrified ….feeling of claustrophobia. There’s a strange and a …

Restore Your Energy (Part 4) - About Islam

Restore Your Energy (Part 4)

Every cell in our body carries on its surface some protein receptors that are sensitive to vibrational energy fields in our environment, be them light, sound, electromagnetic waves emitted from our televisions, cell phones and computers, or be them emotional or mental vibrations emitted from our own thoughts and sensations and from other people around …

Body Energy Map (Part 3) - About Islam

Body Energy Map (Part 3)

Although our physical body is the only form we can normally detect, touch, see and feel, according to natural health specialists, physical ailments originate somewhere beyond this physical body and can only show their symptoms when we neglect our energy warnings for some time. That’s why, in natural healing practice, the first step towards healing …

Energy Healing: Myth or Reality? - About Islam

Energy Healing: Myth or Reality?

We all hear about energy; we also feel it and experience it in our everyday lives. We feel the boost of high energy when exited, stimulated, loved and appreciated; and we feel our energy depleted and melted away with humiliation, neglect, embarrassment, anger, hate, or revenge. But, what exactly is this ‘energy’? All of us …


Biochemical Systems Disturbed in Alcoholics' Brains

The brain tissue of people with alcohol dependence shows a variety of changes compared to non-alcoholic control persons. All alcoholics’ brains share some characteristics, but some are exclusive to the brain tissue of anxiety-prone type 1 alcoholics or impulsive type 2 alcoholics, according to a recent study.

Future of Anti-Aging Medicine - About Islam

Future of Anti-Aging Medicine

In the first part of this series, we explained what the biological process of Aging is, why and how does it take place in the bodies of living organisms. We also explained what an Anti-aging medicine is and how can it benefit our health. In this second part we’re discussing the future of this field …

New Trends in Anti-Aging Medicine - About Islam

New Trends in Anti-Aging Medicine

Aging is perhaps an evocative term, relating as it does to a human process which while many consider natural, is in fact being thought of by more and more scientists, researchers and physicians, as a disease. The only difference between the ‘aging disease’ and other diseases is that it affects every single man and woman …

Islam - The Religion of Human Dignity and Honor

Islam - The Religion of Human Dignity and Honor

The ultimate objective of the Islamic message is the preservation of a believer and his honor and dignity. This translates into the preservation of his religion, life, lineage, intellect and property. There is nothing on earth that is more inviolable than a believer, his blood, property and honor.

Introduction to Prophetic Medicine & Islamic Healthy Lifestyle - About Islam

Introduction to Prophetic Medicine & Islamic Healthy Lifestyle

It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle as our body impacts our abilities to fulfill our duties as Muslims. A common picture, seen in both men and women, is overweight individuals. They pray on chairs because their knees can’t withstand the weight. Prophet Muhammad said: “Whosoever begins the day feeling family security and good …

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