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Houston Methodist Hospital Opens Muslim Prayer Room

Houston Methodist Willowbrook Hospital opened a Muslim prayer room June 11, designed by two of its own physicians, the Houston Chronicle reports. “As a faith-based organization, Houston Methodist Willowbrook is dedicated to serving the medical and spiritual needs of people of all faiths and cultural backgrounds,” Keith Barber, CEO of Houston Methodist Willowbrook, said. “Our …

Islamic Art Festival to Feature Refugees’ Work

Calligraphy, patterns, landscapes, ceramics and other artwork will be featured at festival which will be hosted on Nov. 10 and 11.  HOUSTON – Hosted by the Islamic Arts Society, the 5th annual Islamic Arts Festival will feature work from 45 artists at the Masjid Al-Salam in Houston, Texas, including refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, and other …

US Muslims Enjoy Halal Food, Cosmetics, Wear at ISNA Bazaar

HOUSTON – The bazaar, as they say, was bustling. With about 500 vendors showcasing everything from wudu-compliant nail polish to vegan soap to halal beach vacations and, of course, racks and racks of modest women’s wear, the bazaar at the 55th annual national convention Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) was abuzz with excitement. Haya …

`Eid in Houston, Sharing & Caring with the Needy

HOUSTON – This year on `Eid Al-Adha, Muslims around the world offered up a sacrificial lamb, goat, or camel in honor of Abraham’s perfect obedience when Allah called on him to take his son’s life. The ritual slaughter of an animal is in remembrance and gratefulness of Allah’s mercy to Abraham when he stopped him …

Houston Group Helps Vulnerable Muslim Women

As executive director of Taiba, a fledgling non-profit organization based in Houston, Texas, and aimed at empowering and serving the practical and emotional needs of vulnerable Muslim women, Mustafa should know.

US Muslims Urge Compassion in Trump Era Islamophobia

Speakers at the Islamic Circle of North America’s South Central Convention held Nov. 24-26 in Houston, Texas, didn’t mince words when describing the state of Muslims living in America during the presidency of Donald Trump.

Houston Mosques Open Doors To Flood Victims

Houston Mosques Open Doors To Flood Victims

Houston mosques opened doors to flood victims after Hurricane Harvey. People from all faiths came to donate & both they and Muslims were surprised at how friendly each other were!

In Houston, `Eid Comes With a Flurry

When `Eid Al-Fitr arrives, it brings with it a flurry. A dazzling array of colorful and distinctly ethnic garb, bright and bursting in the intense Houston, Texas, sun.

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