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US Muslim girl

11-Year-Old US Muslim Girl Honored for Powerful Essay

A New York 11-year-old Muslim girl has been honored this week in the Major League Baseball All-Star Game after she wrote an essay describing the pain of growing up as a hijabi Muslim in the US, CBS News reported Wednesday. “Wearing a hijab, a head covering worn in public by some Muslim women is a …

Paradise is at the Feet of the Mother

Paradise is at the Feet of the Mother

Becoming a mother is one of the greatest joys of a Muslim woman. She knows that her child is both a gift and a trust from God. She carries a great responsibility in raising a family, not only in caring for their physical needs, but also in educating them in their religion and morals.

My Mother My Treasure

My Mother My Treasure

It was through Islam that I learned to appreciate my mother. She is the most important person to me on this planet. I no longer put my own desires above her, but I have to put the One who created us both above her. The One who gave her to me and me to her…

Virginia Muslim Student Honored as Newman Civic Fellow - About Islam

Virginia Muslim Student Honored as Newman Civic Fellow

BRIDGEWATER, Virginia – Bridgewater College Muslim student Iyad Hmidat has been named a Newman Civic Fellow by Boston-based Campus Compact for demonstrating a capacity for leadership and investment in solving public problems, August Free Press reported. Hmidat was nominated for the fellowship by Bridgewater College President Dr. David Bushman, who wrote in his nomination letter …

6 Ways God Honors the Prophet in the Quran

6 Ways God Honors the Prophet in the Quran

An emphatic verse signifying how the Prophet was destined to be the best human being ever to live on Earth. He was on the highest standard of character— the most virtuous, the most patient, the most loving, the most courteous, the most merciful among men…

Islam - The Religion of Human Dignity and Honor

Islam - The Religion of Human Dignity and Honor

The ultimate objective of the Islamic message is the preservation of a believer and his honor and dignity. This translates into the preservation of his religion, life, lineage, intellect and property. There is nothing on earth that is more inviolable than a believer, his blood, property and honor.

expose protect

Should We Expose Someone's Sins to Protect Other People?

Short answer:If it’s a sin that endangers or harms other people in some way, we must absolutely expose it, but in a dignified manner, with the intention to protect others from that person, while also protecting the victims. Don’t forget: none of us is sinless. After exposing their sin in a dignified manner and working …


Labor of Love: Qur'an Honors It

.I’ve had children before, so I knew exactly what to expect when the nurse handed me my pregnancy report and it read: Pregnancy +ve. In my experience, I split the nine months of pregnancy into three trimesters. The first three months of nausea and overwhelming fatigue that made one want to sleep the days away. …

How to Honor parents after their Death

How to Honor and Respect Parents even after Their Death

Although death may take us at any age, parents are often elderly and as such require special care and attention. Even though the rigors of old age may cause parents to be demanding, impatient or petulant, a Muslim is still obligated to treat then with kindness and to look after them lovingly.

The Good Manners of The Prophet Muhammad

The Good Manners of the Prophet Muhammad

One of the good manners of the Prophet is his great solemnity. He was the most solemn, the best in his good manners, the noblest and the most generous among all people.

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