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Walking Tours Map Out Muslim History in New York - About Islam

Walking Tours Map Out Muslim History in New York

Americans living in New York are now learning about the history of Muslims in the city, thanks to religious walk tours organized by Katie Merriman, NPR reported. Since 2014, Merriman has held free walking tours about once a month to remember centuries of Muslim history in New York City. Finishing her doctorate in religious studies …

Great Flood and Noah’s Ark - About Islam

Great Flood and Noah’s Ark

Floods have always been a part of human existence. Seasonal floods increase soil fertility bringing nutrients as they also gave birth to the agricultural revolution and the first permanent human settlements on the riverbanks of Africa and Asia (NASA p.1-3). There is one flood, however, that continues to intrigue adventurers and scientists alike. Story Narrated …

Remembering the First Muslims in Canada

Remembering the First Muslims in Canada

It is unknown when Muslims first arrived and settled in the space that is now called Canada. However, it certainly didn’t happen as recently as it is often believed. Even the evidence we have suggests that Muslims have been making Canada their home since 1851, more than a decade before the country itself was created. …

The Muslim Empire: How Islamic Coins Came to Existence

The Muslim Empire: How Islamic Coins Came to Existence

People use money every single day. It is an essential of life. Has one ever wondered about the coins or money used by Muslim predecessors? Did they ever use something such as money or did they have different ways of transactions. Let’s go back in time and learn of the earlier Muslims way of transactions. …

Holiest City

How Did Our Holiest City Start?

Makkah is the most sacred place on earth for Muslims.It’s a city in the Tihamah plain of western Arabian Peninsula. It lies at 70 km inland from the Red Sea in a narrow valley at a height of 277 m above sea level. According to 2012 estimates, Makkah had roughly two million people, although visitors …

Hajj Hospitality

Hajj Hospitality through the Ages

Makkah’s first permanent houses were built around the Ka’bah and did not have doors as an indication to pilgrims that they were welcome to make themselves at home among a people who considered themselves privileged to host them — the living epitome of the Arab greeting‘ahlan wa sahlan.’[1] Hospitality before Islam Even in the pre-Islamic …

How Did Hajj Look Like in the Old Days (Watch)

Watch How Hajj Looked Like in the Old Days

Today’s hajj is very different from hajj in the past. Everything has vastly changed; from how the holy cities looked like to transportation facilities. These photos of hajj date back to 1953. Many may not have been born when these pictures were taken. Enjoy watching these interesting pictures and realize how lucky we are with …

A Dutch Revert's Reflections on His First Hajj

A Dutch Revert's Reflections on His First Hajj

I am in Hajj and like so many others, that doesn’t just mean I’m going to Makkah but Madinah as well. It’s possible to visit Madinah before or after the days of Hajj. For the second time, I’ve chosen to go to Madinah first. This way, I will have to pass by the miqat…

Barirah and Mughith

Barirah and Mughith - A Love Story at the Prophet's Time

This is a fictional piece of creative writing, inspired by the story of the Prophet’s Companions, Barirah and Mughith. Their story is famously quoted in books of hadith, and resonates withhuman experiences that are not often discussed amongst Muslims – that of love, both passionate and unrequited, of heartbreak, and of the tumultuous nature of …

Muslim Heritage Trail & British Descendant of the Prophet - About Islam

Muslim Heritage Trail & British Descendant of the Prophet

The launch of Britain’s first self-guided Muslim heritage trail on July 25th, 2019 took place at Woking Mosque, followed by a tour of the nearby Brookwood cemetery, which is home to the first Muslim burials dating back to the 19th century. The initiative was developed and promoted by Sadiya Ahmed, the founder of the Everyday …

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